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Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her
Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her
Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her
Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her
Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her
Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her

Happy Birthday Sock Card - Her

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A card you know will stand out just like your relationship with whoever is lucky enough to receive this Sock Card.

Because you’re someone who doesn’t want to give just another card, you also don’t want to give just another pair of socks. Let us tell you why our socks are so impressive:

Arch Support:

  • Think about getting a hug… any hug is nice and all, but when you get a real warm and caring embrace, it leaves you feeling happy, comfortable and supported. That’s what the little neon strip at the bottom of the socks will do for the person you care about. You could definitely just try hugging their feet instead and see how that goes. Don’t blame us when it starts getting awkward though.

Our socks are 55% viscose made from bamboo. This material has so many benefits! 

  • Viscose made from bamboo creates a breathable sock that has a soft and luxurious feel.
  • It has anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties that keep odor at bay (of course your feet don’t stink, but that person you know, they might need these).
  • While this material can hold onto sweat produced when feet are hot, it also wicks away the moisture, so feet stay nice and dry. Crazy right?
  • What's even cooler (and warmer ;)) is that the insulation properties of this material help to keep feet cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.

We seriously love this stuff!


    Our little black stickers let your Sock Card stand out while keeping your personal message private.  Cards don’t need envelopes when they are this unique. Simply write a note, close the card with the sticker and hook the Sock card onto your present or hand it to the recipient.



    • Includes: card, socks (one pair) and sticker for enclosing your personal message
    • Card front: Happy Birthday!
    • Card inside: Blank
    • Card size: 3.5” x 3.5”
    • Sock Size: Fits women shoe sizes 7-10
    • Sock colors: Shades of pink, purple, blue and yellow
    • Neon blue arch support strip


    55% Viscose made from Bamboo - 25% Polyester - 15% Spandex - 5% Elastane 
    100% Made to Remember
    Care instructions:
    Machine wash cold gentle cycle 
    Do not bleach 
    Hang dry
    Do not iron